Super happy fun slide.

Super happy fun slide. by mliu92
Super happy fun slide., a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

It has been a long week — a fruitful one at work, but I can’t say the same about writing for myself or even photography, even simpler right? It seems like every few months or so I feel like I have to get some bit of camera gear to spur on my creativity; just lately I’ve been picking up random Adaptall-2 SP lenses and having some mixed results, though some fun is to be had as well.

They say that 90% of your shots are taken between 28 and 90 mm (equivalent focal lengths for a 35mm camera), which translates from moderate wide angle to mild telephoto. We are used to seeing things in a certain way, the thought goes, and anything much beyond normal is distinctive and striking, although perhaps it is also gimmicky — I know I’ve been guilty of popping on a long lens just because I know it gives me a unique knife to cut out a small detail of the world to share.

Maybe it’s the same with writing this week; so many words have been sacrificed on paper in a highly technical context (Coulomb damping) that I wonder if I have a normal perspective any more. What else? Our weekend plans seem to contract in direct relation to how exhausted the week leaves us, and this has been a very long one — so dinner, here, is courtesy of McDonald’s, and entertainment comes from the long slide. Some days it’s enough.



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