Fire Fighter 0702

Fire Fighter 0702 by mliu92
Fire Fighter 0702, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

Today we spent driving back to San Diego after most of a week in San Jose; we return with nothing but full bellies and good memories, bells ringing in the distance telling us we’re welcome back. There’s something to be said for arriving in the daylight and enough time to manage all the stuff that seems to accumulate in the car over the course of eight hours, even if it’s purchased at the expense of fewer stops and steady pacing.

I could, of course, go in to work tomorrow. I’m not going to; I’ve responded to enough email that I think they should be able to get off my back for now, but of course I’ve been known to be wrong about these things before. Strange that vacation has become some interrupted rest, where letting email and voice mail build up uninterrupted isn’t an option. I’ll keep this in mind — and this picture on my desk — when I head back on Monday.



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