Travel Learned

Dear J-

It is now my third week of travel. I have another week to go; it has been five weeks since I started this tripping nonsense, so that gives me just about zero time at home, by my seat-of-the-pants reckoning.

So many things have happened.

Today while doing FaceTime with the family the kids refused to tear themselves away from the computer to say hi. I would say something about that but the truth is I’ve done the same thing to my parents, and I don’t speak to them but once a week, right? “I learned it from you, dad, I learned it from you, all right?” The truth is plain: I’ve been away too long, it’s a stranger on the phone who asks them to blow kisses.

I have a job. It’s hard to boast when so many people I know — so many that I’ve worked with — don’t.

It’s promising to be a long week.



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