Demo by mliu92
Demo, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

If you go to enough meetings eventually you’ll fall asleep without meaning to. If you write enough words, sooner or later someone will find something objectionable. If you let your kids chew on things, they will chew something irreplaceable before too long. And if you don’t spend enough time and effort keeping up with yourself — and your family — eventually they’ll decide you’re not worth the effort.

I’ve been feeling fairly rotten lately for not making more of an effort (i.e. any effort at all) to do simple things, really, like … keeping in touch, or writing on a regular basis. I try to delude myself into thinking the five to ten minutes I do end up spending makes up for it, when it clearly hasn’t and doesn’t.

You can spend your time creating or consuming. I’ve usually spent more time doing the latter, but maybe that should be the important resolution of the year, neh?



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