Grab by mliu92
Grab, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

I left one of figgy’s shoes at this park today; after getting home I was mad but I suppose I was maddest at myself: how could I have forgotten it? No doubt it fell out as we were setting out; I pulled a lunch bag out of the bottom of the stroller, upsetting the items on top and unseen, unnoticed, I went on with my life and walked the half hour back home. When we got back I essentially threw a tantrum, blaming everyone but myself for the mistake. These are real adventures in grown-up-ism, after all. And the week back home is already fast running out.

You know, I used to say every March 1st that it was MY month. And it’s not too late to do so again. I think back to when my life had a little (not much) more balance and it had something to do with staying consistent: spend enough time doing the same thing and it may become stale, but you also become pretty good at it. I’m planning on spending more time writing and less time playing, in the hopes that it’ll remind me of what I need to be doing.



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