All American 0699

All American 0699 by mliu92
All American 0699, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

At the end of the day I’m convinced it’s the toy more than the meal that lures the kids in; when we still had a Curry House in town she always asked for a kid’s meal, since it came with a capsule toy (at first, then as they had to cut costs, increasingly cheap toys until they just started smiling apologetically). And it’s gotta be the same toy, mind you — we made the mistake of getting a boy toy and a girl toy, and I don’t think we’ve ever found that boy toy again, hurled into the ether as it were, when he realized he wasn’t getting exactly what his sister was.

I’m learning to appreciate the balancing act my parents had to tread when apportioning out gifts and toys growing up; when you’re two you don’t understand the why not, you only see the have not.



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