Stuffs 0164

Stuffs 0164 by mliu92
Stuffs 0164, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

We’re slowly organizing the house, little by little things are getting picked up and put away, which of course means getting more stuff to shelve things with. The solution of course is less stuff but I’m not very good at that (hello, GP2X which was replaced in short order by an Xperia Play) and I keep picking things up not out of need but because I figure they’ll be useful eventually.

Next thing you know you’re trapped under a pile of newspapers (articles you haven’t read, birdcages to line, charcoal to start) and the cats are eating your toes.

Beyond that work is tracking right along, and eventually I’ll be able to return to a normal job, right? That’s what they keep telling me, anyway.



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