One More Spin 0217

One More Spin 0217 by mliu92
One More Spin 0217, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

One full day with the kids and I’m nearly ready to return to work; there’s a lot of exhausted yelling and misunderstandings that I’m sure could be resolved very easily: here, let’s go ahead and take a few seconds out for patient recitation of what’s important, reminding ourselves that a little courtesy and forgiveness goes much further than the investment of time.

I spend my days at work surrounded by nitpicky professionals, and it rubs off on me; you can think you should expect the same treatment at home and get all bent out of shape when it doesn’t happen, or you can get over your bad self and move on with your life. New Year resolutions? I’m still formulating them and putting them into practice.



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