Busy Night 0018

Busy Night 0018 by mliu92
Busy Night 0018, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

So here’s the deal: when I was in Japan, I had to kill time at airports, which I did partly by going into the shops and handling their merchandise — in this way I finally got to touch one of the high-end compacts I’d been eyeing for years, one of the new Ricoh GR Digital cameras. I’ve touched my fair share of compact digital cameras but none of them felt as reassuring and svelte as the little Ricoh, and so I fell into a great and ponderous lust-from-afar: I couldn’t afford a new one, and they’re still trading hands used for unrealistic prices, given that the basic design hasn’t changed much since the original GR1 of 1996.

I did find one — with some issues, if you can see the stripes in the background, almost as though the camera was set to an interlaced mode — for cheap and I hesitated only a moment. You really do have to hold it to appreciate it. And time will tell if I get fed up with the imaging issue; for now it’s a bit like an effect, not a bug.



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