Protest 0934

Protest 0934 by mliu92
Protest 0934, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

I get home and theVet reminds me of all the things I missed while I thought I was saving the world: speaking with a professor in Ontario, writing a dissertation on the effect of supports of finite lengths on tube vibration. Sometimes i think that I actually know what I’m saying but it’s really just clever parrotting of work that’s been done before, summarizing and rewriting in a manner not much more clever than the reports from elementary school that copied and paraphrased from reference encyclopedias.

Meanwhile I miss these things: kids running around, excitedly, table to table, station to station, hour to hour slipping away this year. Three full months done in this her first year and am I going to get a chance to do that over again?



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