Emperor 0792

Emperor 0792 by mliu92
Emperor 0792, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

While they were here my folks offered us some money, stating that because they’d given the same amount to my brother to buy a piano, we deserved the same. I managed to sneak it back into their luggage before they left (though my mom was pretty suspicious and could tell what I was trying to do). We get the whole equality thing, what with figgy counting up her change and theVet declaring that they could go to SeaWorld to pick out some toys.

Turns out figgy picks a mermaid doll, so to equal things up we get him a penguin; ten minutes later she’s asking if she can write Santa for a penguin too. Not to discount the power of Antarctic waterfowl, but while the same toy would have been completely boring, at least we wouldn’t have had the hours of whining afterwards. So, yes, equality is a good goal for sibs.



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