Abstraction 0164

Abstraction 0164 by mliu92
Abstraction 0164, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

I have been exploring the world of legacy lenses, knowing that there’s no way to justify $500 on an actual lens that will autofocus on this camera, but $10-50 here and there goes a long way. Whether or not I end up using them is another story, though. I suspect that faster is better — or at least more useful, despite having a decent range of auto-ISO — and if and when I do pursue some real lenses, I’ll go as fast as I can. Er, as fast as I can afford.

The truth is that I have so many options available to me — not just potentially, but literally, in the actual wealth of lenses that are sitting out on my shelves — it’s somewhat embarrassing. But the other truth is that I hate selling them off, always regretting it and eventually getting them back at some point, by hook or by crook. Plus there’s the potential for this.



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