Yup 0723

Yup 0723 by mliu92
Yup 0723, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

It’s more important to vote than to gloat, but the mood has lightened here considerably since the Electoral College results were announced. The every-four-years fever has crested (in the space of a few hours last night, robo-calls by the seeming dozen) and suddenly broken, and that more than anything contributes to the palpable sense of relief.

Also, I figured out why my camera wasn’t in focus lately: loose mount ring. Years of ancient Nikons (F, F2, F3) without a single incident (but then again, I never dropped the Nikons as often as I’ve dropped these) and meanwhile I’ve managed to nearly rip the lens mount off a lens and bung up several others along the way.



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