Kiki Kick 0530

Kiki Kick 0530 by mliu92
Kiki Kick 0530, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

Well, from here on in the week is looking pretty busy, lots of stuff to be done at work and after, and meanwhile there was a chance today (as every day) to be patient and kind, which I didn’t seize on. It’s one thing to look at the final product and remark how nicely it may have turned out, but another to note how you might have gotten there, by aggravation and no-don’t-do-that while keeping the kids soporifically away through some mind-numbing activity instead of showing them what we did and how we made the pumpkins glow more in some places than others.

So for now, nice pumpkin. For next year, I think I’d be happier with less nice pumpkins but more participation (and willing arms on my part).


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