Full Contact Eating 0786

Full Contact Eating 0786 by mliu92
Full Contact Eating 0786, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

So during dinner he cried that the chair wasn’t close enough, then that it was too close, then that he had too much food, then that the food was gone. It’s that kind of a day sometimes; after a week of daycare he’s usually running a little short on sleep and patience. And when we unveiled the dessert — cupcakes! — he was pretty happy up until I took it away to peel off the wrapper, which he took as another opportunity to cry and look reproachfully at me (Hey, you got your own, dintcha?).

Side benefit to this family: dessert every night!

He ended up eating it with great gusto once he decided I wasn’t going to steal it again. These are passionate kids and I wouldn’t trade an ounce of their rudeness for manners if it meant giving up any of the emotions boiling under the surface.



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