Beseech 0299

Beseech 0299 by mliu92
Beseech 0299, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

I left work on-time today and without much fuss; no one gave me a hard look as I slid out the door, but no one gives me a harder time than I give myself, after all. I could have stayed longer, I keep thinking, I could have done a little more work. You know how they say that no one wishes they’d spent more time at work? Well, I did feel that when I was walking out after eight hours, not least because coming out meant dealing with the fact that I put some holes in our six-week-old van yesterday.

But, y’know, then this. We went out to eat (we’d planned it, but it was nice to be home in time to see everyone and be welcomed back) and the kids, as usual, did their amazingly charming routines; I’ll go back to work tomorrow — long day ahead — and enjoy the time there, get work done, but realize that there’s a reason no one says they wished they’d spent more time at work.



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