Under the Sea 0278

Under the Sea 0278 by mliu92
Under the Sea 0278, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

We had a bit of a misfire on SeaWorld this morning; we forgot some passes, only remembering as we were about to go through the gates, causing us to head back home, get gas, and clock off another hour of driving back and forth. The second parking wasn’t too bad (we didn’t lose that much distance) but I did see someone cheat their way into preferred parking, squeezing between a couple of bollards.

theVet reminds me that I shouldn’t be so annoyed by other people (what am I going to do, after all), but part of me was aggravated by the loss of an hour followed by seeing other people’s usual freeway behavior in San Diego: blithely speeding up to keep you from getting on (or off), cutting ahead, driving me nuts. If I’m mad, though, they don’t care (or mind) and the only thing I can control is how I react, not how they act. And I realize that part of that irritation stemmed from the guilty feeling I had today, not going into work. How successfully have they brainwashed me into thinking that my family comes second to work?

So, today’s lessons: Control the things you can (i.e. YOURSELF); make some memories with the time you’re given; decide if you’re work to live or live to work and prioritize accordingly.



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