Mom Needs a Break 0129

Mom Needs a Break 0129 by mliu92
Mom Needs a Break 0129, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

She looks like how we feel some days; ironically (or not), she’s inherited our intolerance for lack of sleep and food, growing crabby when pushed past tired or hungry. I wonder if kids pick up body language as fast as they do regular words and the answer seems to be yes; Calcifer will sigh and throw up his hands with a big WHAT at times.

Also ironic: I got to spend the most time with the family today in a week, on a travel day back from Texas where I woke up a thousand miles away and found my way back in time to do the simple mundane chores of picking up kids and seeing their faces light up in recognition. 2012 is rapidly turning into a lost year for me (when did it become mid-September already?) but that’s life, and that’s what I’ve signed up for, at least for now.



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