Fit In 0105

Fit In 0105 by mliu92
Fit In 0105, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

We hopped in line and I recognized the guy in front of us — I worked with him for four years and learned how to do a staffing report based on the contacts he’d made and every month for four years that was my baby, tweaking the spreadsheet just so as needed. I said hi, how are you and here’s my family; turns out his son is now married and his first grandson is due in October, so there were hearty congratulations all around.

And then as I think all of us at work have done the talk turned to layoffs; he’s eligible to retire so it didn’t necessarily bother him too much but when I said man, this amounts to one out of three he turned it around and said that two out of three are keeping their jobs, ya gotta look at the glass-half-full side of it. Or in this case, two-thirds full.

So yeah, maybe I’ve been approaching it from the wrong angle all along, can that be right? Two of three, not one. Three is a magic number.



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