Impatience 0990

Impatience 0990 by mliu92
Impatience 0990, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

Both kids have had a bit of attitude today, between various tantrums (Calcifer nearly nailing a fellow patron of Santouka Ramen with a well-aimed noodle bowl, and figgy slipping out of her seatbelt because we started to not go to the aforementioned Santouka) and flat-out refusal to do anything but what they want, it’s been pretty exhausting.

When we got back from the Zoo I blacked out for an hour or so … TV being the lazy parents’ friend, we all needed a break and the sticky heat not helping with the situation, fraying tempers and keeping patience thin. Every Sunday night it seems I’m ready to head back to work based partly on escaping the chaos at home, blankets spread on the floor and everyone yelling at everyone by bedtime, tired cranky vibes catching up to everyone.

theVet says to me that despite all the crazy these are impossibly sweet kids, though, and I have to agree: you have to admire their passion and dedication to their beliefs (it is nearly impossible to change their minds on anything, and I don’t want to be the architect of spirit breaking), as quick with a sharp word as they are with a hug or pat and a smile of forgiveness, despite it all.



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