Readiness 0888

Readiness 0888 by mliu92
Readiness 0888, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

We had a bit of a mishap early on — with the school year starting off in a giant assembly, they asked the kindergarteners to sit down in front and (as there was no room) we filed into the back of the auditorium. Well, they excused the K’s first, asking them to follow their teachers — and figgy, not knowing who that was, stayed around until another volunteer escorted her out, nearly in tears from the fears of being left behind (we’d already exited to the rear) with no familiar faces.

Turns out she did well in school, though, bringing back some art and a few new words that I can’t fully understand yet. First day, first day, we had a good first day.



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