Wig of Many Colors 1483

Wig of Many Colors 1483 by mliu92
Wig of Many Colors 1483, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

This birthday party is kind of a strange feeling for us: all these kids we’ve watched grow up alongside figgy are now scattered to the winds, different schools starting up next week. It probably doesn’t feel like forever to her, as she had her last day at the daycare on Thursday, then this party on Saturday, and I’m sure next week she’ll be thinking that it’s business as usual, back to the same familiar faces and places, but no.

We all feel a little lost about next week. What happens? Can we count on anything? It’s probably the biggest change she’s going to hit so far; we’ve been taking her to the same day care for three years now and the friends she’s made will have to be consigned to pictures and facebook acquaintances, spinning off forever into distant places.

I’ll miss the unlikely band of people we fell in with, and I know that there’ll be lots of upcoming opportunities and people to meet, but I need some time to get over myself and reflect on what’s just passed.



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