Lounge Chairs 0706

Lounge Chairs 0706 by mliu92
Lounge Chairs 0706, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

When I was younger I used to delight in sending off correspondence to people I knew were traveling, but hadn’t left yet; that way the letter would be waiting for them in their mailbox when they got there. It may not have had much content — often I’d have just seen them before sitting down to write — but I always liked to think that a nice note was always appreciated.

figgy’s headed off to school in a matter of days; real school, permanent record and all that. I’m not sure how it happened that X number of years have passed so quickly (I remember when she was born and cried for an hour straight) but now here we are, kids rolling about the floor like loose change and I’m so lucky I get to miss every moment of it lately. These years aren’t coming back, y’know.

You set the right priorities and hope that everyone understands, even if it doesn’t always work out like you think it might.



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