ICEE Kids 0583

ICEE Kids 0583 by mliu92
ICEE Kids 0583, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

To keep these kids from melting occasionally we have to resort to such measures as cool drinks and air-conditioned spaces. It has been muggy these past couple of weeks of summer in San Diego, and the hot still air at night reminds me of being in the South (where at least you could crank up the air conditioning in your room without too much guilt, but when it’s coming out of your own pocket … well …)

We also purchased a new mattress today; the delivery was remarkably quick and painless (they took it inside, dropped it on, took the old one out, and did just about everything but make the bed for us afterwards). I’m looking forward to having some quality sleep tonight on our new kilobuck purchase.



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