Flutter By 0140

Flutter By 0140 by mliu92
Flutter By 0140, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

After swearing up and down to get on with getting things done tonight I’ve spent the time thinking about how I could fit or justify an RX-8 into my life (hey, I don’t drive that much … and I could probably live with the poor mileage …) and whoops, there went another hour. Just like before, just like always.

Every so often I take pictures — I take pictures every day, mind you — and I spend the rest of the time marveling at who these little people are in our lives. Where did they come from? I remember babies, I remember diapers, I remember laughing and rubbing my face in bellies and dangling kids upside down by their ankles. And I hope they remember it too, but I’m here for that if they need it.



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