Dashing 0674

Dashing 0674 by mliu92
Dashing 0674, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

We’re back to wandering the streets — with ice cream — and jumping on the neighbors’ property as the slope of the bricks is irresistible to these kids. So be it, and sorry, unnamed neighbor.

One thing I’m consistently surprised by is her memory, which latches on to details interpreting the world around her: while she completely gets the idea of the houses wrapped up for termite spraying (pointing out every circus-tented house we come across), she’s also thinking about the stories we’ve told her and details that escape me after a few days have a way of lodging in her head.

I’m pretty sure that I shouldn’t be showing so many details to blackmail me with but they just fall out all over the place at home. Great.



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