My Car 0556

My Car 0556 by mliu92
My Car 0556, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

He really is a jealous sort, which I’m sure he picked up from me. No sooner had he gotten out of the car to go on the slides and bounce houses did his sister jump in and ask her friend to push her around. He then proceeded to point it out to us as if we could execute a swift justice to return it to his rightfully grubby mitts.

Meanwhile I’m slightly dismayed by the number of cameras I see blossoming in everyone’s fists today, thinking that that’s my game, isn’t it? And then, just like getting passed daily while riding my bike I make up all kinds of sour-grapes excuses; if I could only wander around at will and not have to take care of these kids and that’s wholly unworthy of them. They are neither burden nor captive subjects only for my scrutiny, and everyone has a good time.

I think I’m starting to use the camera as a sort of social crutch, keeping it between my face and from having to talk to anyone around me.



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