Craft Project 0464

Craft Project 0464 by mliu92
Craft Project 0464, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

There were a couple of times we were ready to just walk away from figgy as she kept making crazy at us all day today; we went to SeaWorld to renew our passes but the whole day was a little like how you’d imagine a day with Caillou: “I don’t want to!” followed by “I’m glad we did that!” Perhaps I’m just not in the swing of things, as life where I can decide where to go and what to do is definitely easier but also a lot less fun.

Last night she kept pushing Calcifer away from some little colored balls of cotton, making him cry (that’s little brother disease at work for you, though) and they kept steadily disappearing through the night; every time it seemed he had less and less to play with until finally we almost resorted to getting some gravel from the driveway and putting it in a box for him. Today we found out this is what she’d done — popped them into these little capsules (for Squinkies toys) and then put them into a clear plastic cup. The overall effect is surprisingly sophisticated and I’m surprised by both the cleverness and creativity.

Then again, this is the same kid who snuck out of bed last week to sleep under the dining room table without us noticing, so either we’re more oblivious than most or she’s trickier than we suppose. There is a long road ahead of us, obviously.



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