Dear J-

The new normal is definitely not like the old normal; I get up way too early (I should either reset my alarm or actually get up when it asks me to do so), riding the bike doesn’t feel quite right, and there’s these exhausting creatures at home that actually demand a fair amount of time and interest. Life is good, and the novelty of being home will no doubt be sanded down into the regular thoughts; the big luxury of having time to myself is now superseded by the responsibility of being adult. Sort of adult, that is.

Age is attitude, and someone with muscular dystrophy told me that he stays as active as possible because of that — his brother, who also has MD, has been idle most of his life, broke his hip after falling recently, and upon seeing pictures, my friend said it gave him quite a shock — but convinced him that he had been doing the right thing all along, making time for walking around and staying as fit as possible. I admire the positive mental attitude that keeps us moving forward and makes the days go by easier.

I’m reminded that there’s all kinds of unique challenges in our lives, varying by situation and geography, circumstance and timing. If it wasn’t for bad luck, you say, but it’s what you do with the chances you’ve got that determines your success. We are more fortunate than most, and it’s time I spend some of that time keeping up with things instead of frittering it away in silent contemplation of page views or what’s trendy now. The longer you go in judging your worth by how others see you the weaker your reality becomes; you’re responsible for your happiness, attitude is key, and that’s the routine I find myself falling back into.



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