Devastation of the Day 0381

Devastation of the Day 0381 by mliu92
Devastation of the Day 0381, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

For whatever reason the dark tones make me think El Greco, even though it’s the AE programming inside the camera gone slightly haywire, thinking things are too bright or too dim at random; I may try it on center-weighted just to see if that works any better.

But the subject is more interesting than the technical description; you come home lately and all around are beds for dolls, pillows, blankets, and all strewn about in a daycare-ish setting, with figgy as a kind of demented Miss Hannigan setting things right and patting the dolls to sleep. So the crazy: it’s still around, and I think we’ll keep it.



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