Kobe Heights 0081

Kobe Heights 0081 by mliu92
Kobe Heights 0081, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

Not as excuse but explanation: man I’m beat today. After work I finally figured out how to set up the laptop as an access point (simple: turn off the wireless security; it’s not my bandwidth to protect, and I doubt that the signal’s much further than this room) and then headed out to eat, finding another place where I could grunt and point to pictures on a menu.

After that I walked into the hills as far as you can hill before trespassing on someone’s property and even then I tried a little further until I saw something move in the brush outside, something big and animal. I hit the road soon after that and got back to the room with a tremendous weariness that keeps coming back around. Ready to go, ready to go.



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