Title Place 0011

Title Place 0011 by mliu92
Title Place 0011, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

Since we got in fairly late (9PM+ locally) last night it barely registered that we were in a whole different place, seeing as how the hotel room (which was all I saw really) is no different than any other hotel room, aside from the bilingual instructions everywhere. Today everything’s different: I’ve ridden on (and gotten lost in) the JR system, had my butt washed by a seat bidet, and managed to feed myself intentionally by finding places that have pictures of food.

I think the audit team lead intended to walk me around to see various sights today, but I woke up at 5AM and was out the door by 6: places to be, right? I only ended up hitting two touristy spots — Koshien Stadium and Osaka Castle — due to a combination of errors including not getting on the right transfer train, not realizing how far the stadium is from the JR station, and not having any cash whatsoever (who thought that would be a smart idea?).

Six more days, right? Here’s hoping everything works as smoothly as today; I learned a lot.



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