Dinner Diner 0644

Dinner Diner 0644 by mliu92
Dinner Diner 0644, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

One of the mysteries has always been who figgy takes after with this roller coaster fetish; we both don’t seem to mind riding the coasters, but neither of us goes out of our way to ride the roller coasters, y’know? Well, until today, that is; I had a free afternoon so I went out to Carowinds in order to figure out if I actually like riding the roller coasters or if it’s just something I tolerate for others.

Bottom line: figgy and I have a lot of roller coasters to ride on together in the future. I’d always suspected but never really knew, y’know? And a busy place like this is perfect if you want to be alone on a Friday night away from home; everywhere you turn there’s groups of people and then there’s me, wandering around aimlessly (that’s just how we do) taking pictures in full-on touristy mode.

I’m reminded of the fictional character Grissom (from CSI, retractively CSI Las Vegas) who used to ride roller coasters alone at night, head tossing in the lights playing across faces, strobing expressions here and there and everywhere in between.



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