Gone Fishin’ 0426

Gone Fishin' 0426 by mliu92
Gone Fishin’ 0426, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

I wish you luck in everything you do, whether it’s your business or some hike; lately it’s becoming a new mom and that’s an unreasonably amazing prospect. Ready or not here we come right? There are strange feelings of finality running around my head tonight. Does this mean the end of our nonexistent relationship?

I walk around every day thinking of the things I should have done that day, but those feelings fall by the wayside before the end of each night; there are only a few regrets that linger like unwanted guests, preying on my unformed mind but I do wish that I wasn’t so chicken, that I’d done something twenty years ago so that i wouldn’t be left alone two thousand miles away with only unanswered questions for company.



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