Hot Tonight

Hot Tonight by mliu92
Hot Tonight, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

I wonder how well an actual Bachelor Chow would sell; I know that I’ve felt like I can hardly be bothered some nights out here. It has been a long day and not necessarily a great one, but now that it’s over I can finally breathe out again. Whew.

There are a lot of hours to fill between class and going to bed; today I’ve been filling them with work on various things, like the start of a paper on something I don’t know enough about, or reading novels, or pretending that I know enough about Linux to start setting things up (man, I can’t even get a USB stick to mount automagically; how pathetic is that?).

I keep myself busy because the alternative is thinking about everything that I’ve left behind. The boy is smart enough to figure out it’s me on the other end of FaceTime and blow me kisses; the girl saw me for a couple of weeks last year (“Daddy, you’re on Mommy’s iPad!”). It’s no way to live, and yet we’re living it; half a week down, two and a half to go. Ready steady?



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