Jumble 0244

Jumble 0244 by mliu92
Jumble 0244, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

This was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision: I’d done enough browsing on the Internet to know I wanted to go hit up a park, and this was close enough to get to before it closed (at sunset). The gate warned that it would be locked after that time, so I hustled in, walked around this pond, and got back out (I was probably being paranoid about it, but still, you never know).

This was after I’d been good and stayed in instead of eating out: sure, spaghetti and canned sauce are hardly culinary masterpieces, but it fills you up and at a reasonable price besides (I’ve discovered the local supermarkets are Food Lion and Harris Teeter, which only sounds initially strange to someone who grew up with Safeway and Albertson’s).

So far so good. I’ve been caught napping at least once in class and I hope to make up for that by getting to bed earlier tonight; the time change has taken some adjustment but I’m working on it. Aside from that I think I’ll try to hit up a plantation sometime this week, go visit a friend/sister in Raleigh, and if I have the chance, visit the sole survivor of the North Carolina class, ex-USS North Carolina in Wilmington. Busy week ahead, must remember everything now.




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