Bubba by mliu92
Bubba, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

So it begins! I’m in Charlotte, North Carolina tonight, and it’s funny how much I’m drawn to the cuisine of the South, although perhaps it’s because I didn’t get enough barbecue before I left. The cole slaw here was interesting (and tasty), with a mustard-y undertone that I hadn’t had before. Me showing up at 8PM or so must have dismayed the crew, who were probably looking to close up and head home, but I tried to tip well and make appreciative smacking noises (I would have licked the plate if it wasn’t in public).

Deplaning in Charlotte I had an interesting run-in with a guy who’d had five beers in two hours; first he hit on the grandmother (“for a 1965 graduate, you’re really good-looking”) and then the granddaughter (“are you married yet? Hahahah! C’mon, it’s a joke, I’ve been married four times!”) not even responding to the angry rejoinder that she was her granddaughter, thank you very much. They had a semi-connection in that both the guy and the grandma had grown up in Miami. Meanwhile he kept repeating everything I said (“How was the flight” he asked, and I replied “Good, easy!” which brought on “Easy! Huh.”) and when we ran into each other again in the terminal he told me to lighten up.

I guess I’m still a bit of a stick in the mud, but that’s the way I am, sorry.



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