Three Things

Dear J-

I wonder if I should make up new traveling rules or just stick with the ones I’ve got: local restaurants when possible (no chain franchised comforts, some regional franchises allowed), something new every night, sight-wise, and back in time to chat, which reminds me that I need to set up FaceTime on theVet’s iPad again. I remember wanting to travel when I didn’t have the chance, and now that my life looks full of trips I’m not looking forward to the remainder of my stint in this project, which oh by the way seems to be headed towards a long-term affair.occasional travel I suspect is nice, but the concentrated travel that awaits us (three weeks of the next four I’m out of town) will be decidedly less so.

Our ex-CEO made headlines yesterday for erratic driving, which was later linked to a seizure he may have suffered, but it made for juicy gossip around the office yesterday. Mind you there’s at least ten thousand employees and the portion of them that he regularly met with and who knew him well is probably vanishingly small in that population, yet here we are thinking that we can quarterback on Monday morning, saying what he should have done and what might have happened, fruitless exercises that kept us talking and chatting beyond measure.

I think it might be smart to bring in some music again, as it would give me an excuse to ignore everyone else, right? I profess that I don’t understand the particular appeal of selfishness but there I am taking time away from my family, taking time away from the vanpool folks from a sense of duty to work and plant, which for all its steam and heat doesn’t warm my heart like its people do. After four years of being semi-competnet in accounting and then five years of proficient procurement engineering, I like to think that I genuinely like what I do because I’m a valuable contributor at it, and that includes being good at what I do and liking the people I work with, making the day go by faster than ever. Ten already, noon already? Time to go?? I need to sit down and get this under control, my lack of organizational skills.



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