Dramatic Changes

Dear J-

Photojojo has a service that takes your flickr photos from approximately one year ago and sends a few back to you in your inbox. It’s free (donation requested) so why not, right? I’ve been using it for the past few months and it’s proven to be a more reliable indicator of how the kids are growiing rather than the daily observations, as the incremental changes over a day are less revealing. I have a cousin whose husband is frequently in China for business; every time he comes back (he’s gone three or four months at a time) he says, ruefully, that his son is nearly unrecognizeable.

The biggest change to figgy it seems was changing her hair and growing out her bangs instead of trimming them. Yet that simple step seems to have taken her from a baby to a kid in the course of this past year. Likewise, she argues with some ferocity and valid points too, lost as we often are in our own leisure activities and not wanting to pay her the attention she deserves. The long days turn into long nights; she’s outgrowing a nap but they insist on having one at daycare, something that’s no doubt going to stop once she gets into kindergarten in the fall.

It’s strange that I’d ever be able to say that I’m old enough to be the parent of a kindergartener, but such is the steady accretion of years. Just like the magic of compound interest, we have gotten this far one hour at a time, one day, one year. Eventually of course I’m going to celebrate bigger milestones but for now that first day of school is circled in red and highlighted; I’m not missing that for all the work in the world. You forget how remarkable a year is until you see the changes in the kids.



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