Lineup 8069

Lineup 8069 by mliu92
Lineup 8069, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

We went to figgy’s dance recital today and I’m impressed, as always, by the effort to pull it off (what felt like a hundred dancers and a packed auditorium) as well as the dancers themselves. I’m reminded of the only other person (besides my fellow piano students) in the whole school who knew about the Greater Spokane Allied Arts and Music Festival; she was a dancer and not the most popular kid in school (none of us were) but we had this strange connection through the shared misery of adjudicated recitals.

Fun recitals — no points, no ranks — are more fun, and for five-year-olds, way more appropriate. It’s all a question of how seriously you should take it: is this leading to a career choice for her? Would she benefit from a stricter teacher and judging? Right now no rush.



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