Patronizing Prawn

Dear J-

I’m trying out a Windows Phone (it’s cheaper than a Zune) out of curiosity. Remember that I’m also the same guy who wanted to try out a Pre to form an opinion on WebOS, so take my thought with a grain of salt. So far I like it — it’s slick and responsive, and the Metro theme seems well thought out — these are all relative to the low end Android phone that’s my daily driver. It’s as useable as iOS and yet … there’s some minor details that drive me nuts. How about a screen rotation lock in the Kindle application? What about subfolders to organize things instead of the One Big List?

In many ways it does have Android — at least the flavor I have as it’s running on my phone — beat hands down. Responsiveness counts for a lot with a touch interface, but I miss being able to share anything anywhere. At least the picture gallery works pretty slickly, though I’m curious how it’ll behave with 800 some-odd pictures as I currently have my Android phone laden down.

I find I don’t have sufficient patience to deal with things that don’t work well reliably; in my mind life is too short to worry about tweaking settings or hacking to root, unless you enjoy those things as hobbies. Less time fussing means more time playing after all.



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