Farewell Perspective

Dear J-

Under normal circumstances you’d be able to see the upcoming lunar eclipse from North America only from Alaska and northwestern Canada — it’s going to be right around the time that I usually get up for work anyway so I might take the opportunity to get out and take a few pictures if I can remember to get up. The Sun, Earth, and Moon will line up in a way that the shadow cast by the Earth will fall over the Moon for roughly an hour starting around 4:45 local time. I’m not sure what it will look like to us here in San Diego but I intend to find out; I remember trying to catch prior eclipses and whining to be let backk into the house: it’s cold, it’s boring. One thing I didn’t know is that the lineup occurs at least twice a year so it’s not as though the event is rare by any means.

It helps me put today in perspective, after all. People change their jobs all the time and leave their comfortable haunts in order to pursue a number of reasons: money, power, fame, love, growth. I asked myself earlier this week if it was the right decision and I stick by the answer: a thousand times yes. Yesterday they broght a cake around and had me come up to give a little silly speech before they walked me out the door. I don’t know that I have any particula insight or words of wisdom to impart that these folks don’t already know — after all, everything I know is something I’ve learned from them — but this is what’s important:

I haven’t worked in too many places in my nine years on site: there were the four years I was a budget analyst (Excel jockey) and then the five years as a procurement engineer, so I don’t think I have the experience to say definitively. I’ll say this, though: the time I’ve had here I’ve always admired how well the four groups that make up our procurement organization work together. As many times as I’ve heard that I’ll be missed because of the help I give you should know that I’ve gotten as much or more help from everyone else throughout the years; it’s easy to say that I’ll miss you the rest of the group too but I mean it: we are a family here — sometimes a loud, contentious family, and we don’t always agree, but we work spectacularly well together for our customers and I’ll always be proud that I was a part of that.



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