Broken Grin 0349

Broken Grin 0349 by mliu92
Broken Grin 0349, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

If you want a metaphor for the past week, here it is: lots of ambition, pretty nice but let down by details: missing a pupil, a tooth bar, and several chest chevrons. Maybe I get caught looking too far forward too often; as it is there’s too much in any given week to take it all in at one glance. So take it easy and take it one step at a time instead. Can I get that done? Let’s get it done. Can this wait? Yes? No? I can set priorities. It’s when I get interested in some of the other minutiae and details that the wheels fall off.

I keep thinking of the metaphor in relation to Cal football, which is struggling through another season, losing games they shouldn’t and winning ones by surprise. Caught looking too far forward to other games? Or just a lack of fundamental preparations? Can you do everything and keep it up at an elite level or do you have to set priorities and triage?

Today wasn’t a particularly fruitful day, work-wise, but I came home satisfied nonetheless. And working the pumpkins wasn’t easy (there were a lot of NO FIGGY and DROP IT THAT’S SHARP exclamations: kids love pumpkin carving but it might not be the best activity for a family), scraping, judging, lighting, scraping, trying again. But that’s sometimes the way you have to take it, as an incremental process.



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