Pop Out 7500

Pop Out 7500 by mliu92
Pop Out 7500, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

There are times that she’ll appear like a stranger to us: where did this person come from? How did this happen? And when? If she’s acting up the temptation is to disavow all knowledge and heritage but that’s disingenuous. She would not be the figgy she is without the crazy; the refusal to sleep and consequent crankiness, the denial of hunger and consequent anger, the combination making our lives subject to frequent eruption and conflict. You would think a kid who hates time-outs so much would know better by now and avoid those situations.

But she challenges. She pushes. I’ve said that before but she pushes it again, pushes buttons, pushes boundaries, hits and cries, screams and laughs living life out loud at 11, not 10. So when she does quiet down it’s something to be savored until your suspicious nature gets the best of you and you wonder what she’s up to.

But by then of course it’s too late.



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