Headed Back





Dear J-

We have had another full day but I’m looking most forward to collapsing in my own bed tonight. The nicest thing about travel sometimes is having it be over, but we hadanother great trip to Disneyland. figgy is now (just barely) big enough to fit on Space Mountain and so we went. You’d think that we’d have traumatized her for life by now but she’s just as happy to go on Pirates as the Tiki Room. Life is good.

1. Inside It’s a Small World. Calcifer was pretty fascinated.

2. Eighty dollars worth of food is pretty filling if you go to the right places (Rancho del Zocalo).

3. We made a last-minute decision to take the double stroller and it proved its worth over and over again for tired kids (here listing to port).

4. Pirate line. Sounds like a musical huh? I’m surprised by how efficiently the line moves: have they improved that process sine I was ten and had to wait an hour?



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