Tracking True 0567

Tracking True 0567 by mliu92
Tracking True 0567, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

figgy’s cousins are in town — my niece and nephew from Taiwan — and we’re about to embark on a trip to the Lands — Lego and Disney. To be honest the older nephew’s probably looking more forward to Lego and were I in his shoes, ten going on eleven and just having discovered the joys of Technic LEGO, I’d be the same. Especially now that Miniland has been invaded by Star Wars. I’m not going to lie: that’ll probably be the highlight of tomorrow.

Yet on the other hand I get it, I understand why they’re here and ready to adventure around Southern California as it has been two years since we saw them last and those two years — half of figgy’s life — have wrought changes at least as profound in theirs. Between the fluent Chinese (my parents are deliriously happy) and added maturity this is going to be an easy trip for all of us.

They pulled figgy’s train tracks over and had this set up in a matter of minutes. Then it was learning about how the switches worked and once that was mastered the train was a beeping, reversing menace making all the kids hysterical with laughter as it bumped into body parts and obstacles set up on the train tracks (sadly there were several Duplo figurines that were run over today). No input from us. None needed. This is our future, and it’s surprisingly bright.



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