Father’s Day

Dear J-

I’ve been a father for all of four years but in that time I’ve had ample learning opportunities that I think I should share. Worse yet, I’ve only had two for just over six months, so my expertise is quite limited I’m sure. Plus this whole blog thing is all about oversharing, so why not?

  1. People like pictures. The more pictures the better.
  2. Family will want to hold your babies. Let them.
  3. There is a stage when babies like other people. Bring your family around this time so that they don’t stay too suspicious of other people.
  4. On the other hand you can’t force some kids to love all the attention. Make sure there’s an escape plan.
  5. They’ll be sure to let you know when enough is enough. Be able to read those signs.
  6. Rule number one: don’t get in grandma’s way. Rule number two: see rule number one.
  7. Rule number three: Grandpa is a fine person to hang from. But watch their antics, they were dads first and you know how that is.
  8. Why are we numbering rules anyway? Kids love kids.
  9. Of course, the age gap matters. There comes a point when the younger kids become only a burden to the older ones and step in when you see it.
  10. Take any offered help when it’s offered. Pride goes before a fall.
  11. Enjoy the times when the kids get along. Help them understand what it means for the future.
  12. Any opportunity for a nap should be pounced on. Immediately.
  13. Don’t forget to focus on the older kids too. Their world is suddenly much harder too.
  14. Take time out of your day to spin a little. Then spin some more.
  15. Seriously, did you think I was joking? You need the break for sanity once in a while.
  16. Set your boundaries and stick to your discipline. Make sure there aren’t loopholes as all kids are natural lawyers.
  17. Be on guard constantly. But have fun with it too.
  18. Sometimes you need to sit back and let things develop. Learning opportunities are everywhere.
  19. Sooner or later the kids will get together and plot. Don’t be too paranoid about it.
  20. After all they learn as much from each other as they might from you. And it’s probably more fun that way too.
  21. Don’t be afraid to go all the way out to the end. Someone’s got your back.
  22. There will be times when you don’t recognize your own children. That means a nap is needed in that gentle dark.
  23. Don’t be too afraid to brag! But don’t brag too much, either.


Illustrated too!


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