Dietary Travels


Dear J-

We are fairly well-traveled gastrically, from French Toast to falafel and soup to sushi today (breakfast at a diner, lunch at a food festival, and dinner was Japanese take-out) yet it doesn’t seem to translate to figgy’s palate yet. If it’s not primarily rice or pasta then it should be meat. Broccoli frightens her. Dessert is not an optional extra — it’s a prerequisite for continued good behavior. The longer it goes on the more you worry about if it’s maybe a sign of a larger failure on our part — the spoilage has reached epic heights and we’re headed for some kind of future disaster, as though the tantrums and pleadings aren’t enough.

After four years with the kid we’ve got a pretty good lead on how she works. If angry, check if hungry. If dancing join in unless it’s secretly a sign that she needs to use the restroom. Face facts: the things we choose each weekend isn’t going to be the most fascinating thing for her though we have made an effort to make sure there’s something that she’ll enjoy — today at the festival we watched Latin dances while building up an appetite and when the crabbiness got the better of her and us we fought more crowds for position on the lawn by the food booths. This much I will say: when you advertise and hold it with free admission, do prepare for crowds.

She’ll be all right. We are doing our part to make sure she behaves considerately in public. At the moment that consists of setting a good example and various. However it turns out it isn’t the public face we need to keep track of — there is an almost crippling muteness that descends in the company of strangers and a kind of charming helplessness. It’s once she’s comfortable that you have to watch out for her actions. Be warned.



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