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Dear J-

On a lark we headed off to the Maritime Museum today — like Battleship Cove it’s a collection of museum ships but not all warships — there’s a merchant sailing ship (Star of India) and a ex-Bay Area ferry, the Berkeley, for starters — which made it the perfect day for Pirate’s Day at the museum. figgy is a yo ho yo ho a Pirate’s life for me kind of girl so of course we got there and had to get all the pirate swag we could get our hands on; the candy and snacks were consumed within the hour and the rest of the goods were worn or tried on soon thereafter.

In one interesting episode I brought her to the gift shop where she picked out an eyepatch and reasoned out a way to get what she wanted. In my experience you save the gift shop for last so you can bring a souvenir home. In her four-year-old mind she took that to mean that if you leave you can buy it so she declared it was time to go home. No, really. Right then. The end result was agreeing to get it right then but only the one thing and we didn’t have to go home — we could keep going through the other ships too. Fear for our figgy-dominated future. Fear for our lives that will end up waiting on her hand and foot.

We ate lunch well after we should have — the general shortness and refusal to follow instructions mean that either sleep or food has run low and we have been remiss in addressing it. Afterwards, when we were all separately convinced that we should have ordered something else (I had the fish and chips which were a bit greasy, theVet had shrimp which could have stood less breading, and figgy had chicken strips which went completely ignored) we had the best part: dessert. As previously noted she has quite enough observation to know what she wants and find some charming way to ask. The blue flavor was soon served and savored and we have but to follow now.



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