Materialism Chant

Dear J-

I have that delirious sort of feeling that comes from not enough sleep and too much time spent staring at things I don’t need. I spent all day Saturday chasing kids with a manual-focus lens and it shows. My skills never were that great so resurrecting them in a semi-pressure situation didn’t make too much art coming out the other side of the lens. So I’m again at the point where I wonder if it would be better to limp around with what I’ve got or if I’d be better off saving my money towards a final solution. If there was a reasonably fast short-to-mid tele zoom available for four thirds (I wonder if the old 40~150/3.5-4.5 would work) I wouldn’t be so interested in the 35~100/2 but there you have it. One lens is $2 500 and the other is $100, not much of a contest really.

The long view holds that you should invest in glass over bodies and that’s something that I subscribe to, at least as far as I can swing it. On the other hand it seems pretty clear that I’m backing a losing horse here in the dSLR derby — Olympus, who appear to have abandoned the system in favor of micro 4/3rds — and so any further investment in the system would be foolish, right? On the other hand perhaps I’m already too invested. The cost for an equivalent lens with a different system is nearly comparable to the lens alone. I can’t help but think of the Leica R system where the parent company’s focus was elsewhere yet the limited number of lenses turned out to be superlative and consistently excellent.

Impact to companies’ bottom lines aside I don’t see any good coming out of this. The easiest thing would be some sort of logical compromise — either a cheap substitute or standing pat with what I’ve got. The end result is an unfulfilled longing for something I can’t honestly justify and yet I can dream up a thousand excuses and reasons that I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to keep up with. Sometimes more is more.



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